CALL for participation at the

International Sport Film Festival Slovenia – ISFF

Rogaška Slatina, June 19 to 22, 2024

»Culture Through Sport«


Production houses, producers, directors, individuals, public and private institutions, associations, federations, and other organizations from Slovenia and abroad can apply for this call. We accept all film genres and film lengths related to sports in any way. You can submit a film for participation in the competition program or in accompanying programs. The condition for a film to be included in the competition program is that its premiere screening occurred after January 1, 2020; there are no time constraints for inclusion in accompanying programs.

All submitted films will be reviewed by the festival's program selector. If they are suitable for screening at the festival, they will be nominated in the appropriate categories for awards. Selected films in accompanying programs will be organized into special screenings. The selector, in collaboration with the organizing committee and the festival director, compiles the program.

Applicants will be notified of the selection by April 30, 2024, via email.

Filmmakers with films selected for the festival will be asked to send a copy of the film in DCP format, along with all promotional materials, posters, leaflets, banners, links to websites, Instagram and Facebook addresses, a content summary of the film, etc., which will be used for promoting the screening at the festival. The deadline for submitting materials is March 30, 2024. Please note that all materials must be submitted in accordance with the call and clearly indicate the desired category of participation.

Participants in the film festival grant the festival organizers the right to use their copyrighted works for promoting the International Sports Film Festival Slovenia. The festival organizer commits to handling applicants' data carefully and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. By applying to the festival, participants also agree that the information provided in the application is accurate and correct, and they will refrain from actions that could harm the reputation and interests of the Organizer and other involved parties. You can view this year's film festival report on this website and on the YouTube channel

The organizer offers the possibility for producers to participate in the selection of TV viewers in Slovenia for a grand prize. The selection will last for 30 days, and the selected films (as decided by the professional committee) will be shown in a special section of the Sports Film Festival on a selected TV channel in Slovenia. The screening will last for 30 days, and the winner of the selection will be automatically proposed for the Ficts final in Milan. Furthermore, the purchase of the film for regular broadcast on a TV station will be offered.

The organizer also collaborates with the Zlatibor Festival in Serbia and will send all works for review by the program council of the Zlatibor Festival. Subsequently, they will be contacted regarding the possibility of participation in the festival.


  1. Format (screening): DCP 2K or 4K (unencrypted), HD file (ProRes, H264… )
  2. Speed 24 or 25 fps
  3. DCP (encrypted, unencrypted)
  4. Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85, 1:2.39, 16:9
  5. Audio 5.1, Stereo
  6. Subtitles: English translation of subtitles in .srt format, time-coded; time codes must match the film version being screened


  1. Entries shall be accepted at and shall contain a completed entry form, which is available at
  2. Entry deadline: March 30, 2024;
  3. Entry is free of charge.
  4. If an applicant is entering several films, a separate entry form is required for each individual film.


  1. The best film of the festival shall receive the Grand PRIX award.
  2. The main prize shall be bestowed in each category/genre.
  3. Other prizes shall be bestowed as chosen by the Festival committee.

The Grand PRIX title recipient and winners of individual categories shall qualify for the final FICTS Festival in Milan (with the registration fee covered by Festival Slovenia).


Categories of the film festival:


Productions that promote an understanding of the Olympic movement and its values through the dissemination of the universal language of the Olympics and its ethical-cultural-educational functions. Stories and reports on preparations for the Olympic Games and the participation of Olympic Games protagonists from the past to the future. The inclusion and socialization of people with special needs through sports practice. Raising awareness of Olympic values and knowledge through multimedia and audiovisual productions, with sports and champions as central elements.


Documented television or film chronicles and research related to sports in all its forms and expressions, stories of champions, teams, events. Individual sports / Team sports


Values of sports, culture, and education: Conveying the values of social sports (ethics, tolerance, respect, fair play, social inclusion, peace, etc.), and sports as an informative, educational, and formative instrument.

4. FILMS*:

Fiction, short and feature films, TV films and series (created by beginners or known authors), including cartoons, with sports as the main theme, sports events, or stories of champions, whether real or fictional. (*For this section, information about the artistic and technical crew is required).


(maximum 3 minutes): Productions with a prominent sports theme that present sports events and/or productions that feature sports champions as representatives of products or initiatives: public services, nonprofit organizations, corporate and social campaigns, sports promotion, sports events, etc.


Reports, documentaries, short and feature films, stories about teams, events, TV programs, etc., with one of the team sports as the main theme in various applications: television, cinema, and new technological