SATURDAY, JUNE 18 2022 from 17:00 till 19:00 (IVNITATIONAL)

Original title: DOKUMENTARNI FILM “2017”

Country: Slovenia

Director: Goran Vojnović
Screenplay: Goran Vojnović
Year: 2022
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 113 min
Sport: Basketball
Short synopsis:

In the film “2017”, renowned Slovenian writer, screenwriter, and director Goran Vojnović took the audience behind the scenes of the European Basketball Championship, where our golden national team achieved an incredible victory with heart, perseverance and friendship and made history. All 12 players, the selector, the coaching staff, the management of the national team, archival material and recordings of the international basketball organization FIBA and the television house PRO Plus tell about the event that united Slovenia in 2017. They summed up the story as they experienced it themselves, so in some places it is completely different from what the fans know. Many times, however, instead of words, the emotions that have awakened in the narrators speak. 2017 is not only a film about sport, but also a story about the team, the collective spirit, and the strength of the community, which is becoming increasingly important in an age of growing individualism.