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Country: Switzerland

Director: Michele Cirigliano
Screenplay: Michele Cirigliano
Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 82 min
Sport: Football
Short Synopsis:

FOOTBALL INSIDE enters the heart of football culture and uses the dressing room as the central stage. By putting on their jerseys, professionals, women, juniors, and seniors take on different roles for the duration of a game. The joy of the game unites them all. 

The film shows the National League A women’s team from GC Zurich, SC Kriens from the Challenge League, the C-juniors of FC Blue Stars Zurich, and the veteran team of FC Wettswil-Bonstetten in the dressing room. A unity is created from single individuals. By putting on the football jersey, each one of them is given their task. Everyone faces the pressure of the game, but also their own fear. The film shows how teams come together, forget everyday life, and become part of a greater unity through the ritual of football.