Wednesday, 19.6.2024 at 16:00, Kulturni center Rogaška Slatina

A young Bihari boy, Sooraj with a talent for soccer, arrives with his poor mother to live in Mumbai slums, that is predominantly Marathi. He faces extreme odds from gang members of his new school who would not let him be at peace or play his game for which he has great passion and talent for. Hounded and cornered, Sooraj fights for his spot under the sun, his place in the Chidiakhana or the Zoo, often literally, as his adversaries appear with animal heads to confront Sooraj. Things start to change for our underdog protagonist when protection comes from unexpected quarters; a local Marathi gangster comes to their rescue and gives wings to his modest dreams. Chidiakhana is a heartwarming sports drama with a touch of magic realism.