• Wednesday, 19.6.2024 at 18:00, Kulturni center Rogaška Slatina
  • Friday, 21.6.2024 at 19:00, Hotel Atlantida

15% of the world’s population suffer from some type of disability, achondroplasia is a bone growth disorder that causes the most common type of dwarfism and is experienced by 1 in every 40,000 people in the world and the only disability that still causes laughter today. And generates bullying. Facundo (Argentina), Julio (Paraguay), Vinicius (Brazil) and Fabián (Peru) are the captains of the short soccer teams of their countries, and they live in a world designed only for average people, from them we know the achondroplasia and also his hopes of taking the Olympic lap with the Mundialito cup held high.