• Thursday, 20.6.2024 at 19:00, Kulturni center Rogaška Slatina
  • Friday, 21.6.2024 at 19:26, Hotel Atlatida

This is the story of the man behind modern tennis.  A man who only wanted to play and was the actor of the major changes in Tennis history over 6 decades.This story is not only about Niki Pilic’s achievements as a player (US Open 1970) but his legacy as trainer of Boris Becker, Michael Stich, Ivan Ljubicic, Goran Ivanisevic and many others… and of course his biggest descendants, the best player of all times, Novak Djokovic.

Niki Pilic is the unique Davis Cup captain who won 5 Davis Cup with 3 different countries, Germany, Croatia, and Serbia. Based on the original script by award winning director Zeljko Mirkovic and producer Vladimir Gasic, The Legend reveals you the never-told story of a man who dedicated his whole life to tennis, from the day he bargained, as a kid, his bicycle for a broken racquet until today where he still trains future champions, every single day of the year