Friday 21.6.2024 at 17:16, Kulturni center Rogaška Slatina

What if a simple advertisement in the local paper could spark a movement that would forever shape a community? Did a group of lads in 1873 Halifax truly create a sporting legacy that has endured for over 150 years? What untold stories lie hidden within the history of one of the oldest Rugby League clubs?

Through the eyes of passionate fans and players, this captivating documentary invites you to join us on a journey through the stunning towns and countryside of Calderdale in central United Kingdom, as we uncover the remarkable story of how the development of Rugby League transformed Halifax into a true Rugby Town.

Discover the warmth, humour, and unwavering spirit that have kept the sport of Rugby League at the heart of the Halifax community.

Witness the pivotal moment when Huddersfield native responded to the advert and ignited a flame that would burn brightly for generations, leading to the many highs and lows experienced by the Rugby club and its passionate supporters.


This touching non-fiction film celebrates the power of community, the enduring love of the game, and the timeless traditions that have made Halifax a true Rugby heartland. Welcome to Rugby Town!