• Thursday, 20.6.2024 at 08:44, Kulturni center Rogaška Slatina
  • Friday, 21.6.2024 at 15:35, Films under Stars
  • Friday, 21.6.2024 at 19:00, Hotel Sava
  • Saturday, 22.6.2024 at 10:00, Kulturni center Rogaška Slatina

“You are the only one who knows how high or how far you can fly”. Theodore Volgoff

It is a film whose objective is centralized in the themes of Resilience and Inclusion in a social context that requires it like never before.

“Surfing the sky” intends to support the development of a shared human consciousness, inviting a return to the respect for nature, for differences and for freedom.

“If you never dream of flying, you will never wake up with wings”. Natalie Kendall

Effort, tenacity, desire to develop and improve are the central topics of the film that has a non-traditional documentary structure. Georgina Melatini and Pablo Martínez, true role models, both disabled and South American and Latin American Champions of Adapted Surfing, are the protagonists of this wonderful story of overcoming.

In addition, the film touches on the topics of Inclusion, Adaptability of Cities and care of the Environment.