• Thursday, 20.6.2024 at 16:20, Kulturni center Rogaška Slatina
  • Thursday, 20.6.2024 at 19:20, Films under Stars

Eight fifty-year-old women, totally different from each other, made a decision against the advice of their entire environment – to form a synchronized swimming group. named themselves “Mariburruntzis“. “Dragonflies” in Basque, an animal that, while not being aquatic, makes its life around water.

They reflect on what they’ve fought for, and what they’ve experienced, the social difficulties they have had to face, the stereotypes, the losses, the hard training, the path they have opened to others, etc. Some begin to falter, doubts arise, energy fails, work and family problems appear.

Around the age of 60, with an uncertain job future and a good number of physical discomforts and diseases, they decide to embark on another adventure: to attend perhaps, last championship.

This is not a sports documentary. It is a documentary about middle-aged women and how, based on solidarity, sorority, and friendship, they manage to overcome their problems.