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“In 2004, three friends named John, Gary, and Paul found themselves living and working in Kolkata, a city not known for rugby. Despite this, they discovered that Kolkata was a sports-loving place, with a variety of sports such as cricket, football, golf, horse racing, polo, and squash being popular. Among all this sporting enthusiasm, they stumbled upon rugby.

Inspired by their love for the game, they decided to establish their own rugby club called the Jungle Crows. Their primary goal was simply to have fun. As time passed, more and more young people joined their club and became passionate about rugby. The kids’ growing obsession with the sport had a profound impact on John, Gary, and Paul, who became deeply involved in the lives of these youngsters.

Today, John and Gary have moved on with their families and careers, but Paul remains in Kolkata, continuing to play rugby and engaging in various community initiatives. He strives to help young individuals find employment, supports the community in constructing a playground, and encourages children to pursue education.”