It’s the first day of school for 8 year old Arjun and he is expecting that it’s going to be a great year this time around. However, all his hopes are dashed when the bully of junior school Monty Mulchandani ends up in his class and threatens to make Arjun’s life hell due to an incident in the last semester where Arjun had accidentally broken Monty’s leg during football practise.

Now due to this crisis in Arjun’s life, his parents Meera & Vikas who had decided to go separate ways have to first try and fix their son’s problem with Monty in their own ways. However, when both can’t figure out a way around this situation on their own, they eventually have to put their differences aside to team up together and come up with an ingenious plan to boost their son’s self-confidence and let him keep believing in his dream.

To help their cause, the greatest legend in the world of Kung Foo; Bruce Lee, shows up one night to inspire Arjun, letting him know that he is destined for greatness too since he’s a reincarnation of Bruce Lee’s own guru.

But there are more problems for Arjun to deal with in life, as his dream of winning his first Kung Foo belt as well as the Grand Prize in the annual competition are dashed because Monty manages to break Arjun’s hand just weeks before the big test.

However, Meera and Vikas come up with a dramatic plan thanks to which Arjun is eventually not only gets the belt but also becomes a local hero in this inspiring and entertaining story for all ages.