FRIDAY, JUNE 17 2022 from 13:00 till 15:50

Original title: POSLEDNÍ ZÁVOD´

Country: Czech Republic

Director: Tomáš Hodan
Screenplay: Tomáš Hodan
Year: 2022
Genre: Feature film
Running time: 102 min
Sport: Skiing
Short synopsis:

In 1913, a fateful ski race took place in the Karkonosze, in which the then most successful Czech skier, Bohumil Hanč, died. Because of a snowstorm, all participants dropped out, only Hanč stayed behind. He froze to death and became a legend. In addition to the events that were already filmed in 1956, the film also shows the tensions between the German and Czech population before the First World War and focuses on a unknown hero: Emmerich Rath, a German participant who tried in vain to find his friend Hanč and to rescue him.

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