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Country: Czech Republic

Original title: PSÍ LÁSKA

Director: Linda Kallistová Jablonská
Screenplay: Linda Kallistová Jablonská
Year: 2020
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 76 min
Sport: Dog slade racing
Short synopsis:

Jana takes off from the Jizera Mountains to the 1,200 km long track of the longest European sled dog race Finnmarsløpet. Her chances of finishing this race are very small. She is one of the few women at the start, not living (like most competitors and their dogs) permanently behind the Arctic Circle and her team consists of purebred Husky, while the others race with dogs bred for racing purpose. It is very cold, the polar plains are swept by snowstorms, dogs falling in snowdrifts and Jana is fighting for the last bits of her energy. Yet, or just because, she feels happy. Doggy Love is a film about the relativity of happiness, contentment, and the journey to one’s dream, paved with discomfort that would be unbearable for most people.