THURSDAY, JUNE 16 2022 from 16:00 till 16:30

Original title: MOJ NOVI CILJ

Country: Slovenia

Director: Tadej Čater
Screenplay: Tadej Čater
Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 25 min
Sport: Disabled athletes
Short synopsis:

Sport is the one that erases the boundaries of what is possible and gives everyone the opportunity to get involved. Even the disabled. Sport does not choose the body, but the spirit chooses sport. Being disabled does not mean to be without a sporting spirit. In addition, sport is important not only from the point of view of competition, but also because of the way it integrates a person into society.

The documentary My New Goal features disabled athletes, participants and winners of Paralympic medals, also the winner of the first Slovenian Paralympic medal from 1972, as well as those whose new goal is to participate in the Paralympic Games. And maybe one of them will become the winner of the 50th jubilee Slovenian Paralympic medal.