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Country: Germany

Director: Stephanie Constantin, Sarah Lanz
Screenplay: Stephanie Constantin, Sarah Lanz
Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 64 min
Sport: Women’s Football
Short synopsis:

Thomalina Adams is currently one of the best footballers in the Namibian national team. A few years ago, she even qualified for the second league of the VFL Bochum. Her nickname Pele, which she has been wearing since childhood, especially on the football field, is therefore hardly surprising. But since playing for her club Tura Magic FC Ladies again in Namibia, her football career has stagnated. Namibian Football Association (NFA) structures and traditional role models make it difficult for girls and women to make progress in football.

The film follows Thomalina, who left her hometown at the age of 14 to become a professional footballer. The reason for this is the establishment of the ‘NFA Galz & Goals’ project, which promotes girls ’football. As a football ambassador, she wants to encourage girls to take up the sport, as in Namibia, football gives many people security and is an alternative to the streets where alcohol and drugs determine everyday life.