Press Conference Ahead of the 3rd International Sports Film Festival in Rogaška Slatina

Ljubljana, 29. maj 2024

It has been 30 years since Vojko Korošec, together with Srečko Zakrajšek, launched the ŠKL project (School Basketball Leagues), which was put on hold some time ago. However, this did not stop Korošec from starting a new high-profile project: the organization of the Sports and Feature Film Festival, which will take place for the third time this year in Rogaška Slatina, from June 19 to 22.

The ŠKL project involved 350,000 young people, and the rich history of this competition is also documented in the documentary film ŠKL – Šport tisočerih obrazov (Sport of a Thousand Faces), which has received numerous international awards at film festivals (Zlatibor, Milan, Budva…). It was also because of this film that Vojko Korošec and his colleagues took on a new challenge and organized the sports film festival, which is part of ISFF (International Organization of Sports Film Festivals).

Today, in the premises of the Steklarna Rogaška store at Mestni trg 22 in Ljubljana, the organizers held a press conference at which the festival’s ambassador, the legendary Ivo Daneu, also spoke. Every year there are more films, this year there were 620 entries, from which 40 were finally selected as the best by the expert jury.

Among them is this year’s hit, about the life of tennis legend Nikola Pilić, who will also be a guest of the festival and will receive the ISFF sports award.

Every year, the organizers also provide a rich accompanying program, and this time, in addition to traditional games, such as the well-known one from our childhood: “Med dvema ognjema” (Between Two Fires), both children and adults will be entertained by the social game Štrbunk, which comes from the USA, where there are currently over 10 million registered players.

Gorazd Milavec took care of the theoretical and practical presentation of the Štrbunk Association of Slovenia (Slovenian Cornhole association) at the conference.

Of course, we must not forget the Mini Olympics, which the organizer is preparing in cooperation with the OKS, as well as the large dance event Zumba marathon.

There is also the festival of the Gwra association of motorcyclists (gold wing), which will be hosted by hotels in Rogaška Slatina for 4 days, and the icing on the cake is that they just opened the largest tourist tower a few days ago.

If we add all this up, we are in for another exceptional film festival. More about the program on the website