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Country: Croatia

Director: Ines Pletikos
Screenplay: Ines Pletikos, Kruno Petrinović, Matko Stanković
Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 98 min
Sport: Skiing
Short synopsis:

The filming of the documentary began in 2013, in the year of Ivica Kostelič’s last ski season. Ivica began preparations on the Peloponnese in a dinghy with a minimal crew and a ceremonial visit to Olympia and the Pythian Temple in Delphi.

The following year, Ivica had the last chance in his career to win the combined Olympic medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics. He won silver.

No matter how attractive the successes of athletes are, their views on the meaning of engaging in painstaking activities full of self-denial, ups and downs at the end of a glorious sports career led us to the very essence of sport.

After many years of accompanying Ivica and Ante Kostelić in their competitive and pedagogical work, we tried to penetrate into a kind of magic that overwhelmed their life companions: many of Ante’s youth friends, family and a compact and opaque community of athletes and their followers.