FRIDAY, JUNE 17 2022 – STAGE UNDER STARS from 12:30 till 14:00

Original title: LETETI!

Country: Slovenia

Director: Amir Muratovič
Screenplay: Amir Muratovič
Year: 2016
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 86 min
Sport: Ski jumping
Short synopsis:

Three ski flying hills are in competition for the title of the largest facility in the world: Vikersund, Planica and Kulm. All three boast profiles designed by Janez Gorišek. His art of ski flying hill design was a product of his personal experience: he was a student ski jumping champion twice. He also won the first competition on the Ljubno hill, which wears his profile after the reconstruction. Together with his brother, Lado, he designed the ski flying hill in Obersdorf and the two Sarajevo Olympic ski jumping hills at Mount Igman. He derived the basic curve in designing a ski jumping hill, from his knowledge in road construction. His intuition still makes him believe in the idea of a hill where it would be safe to fly 300 metres and more.