FRIDAY, JUNE 17 2022 from 18:00 till 18:40

Original title: KRST ZA TRIATLONCE

Country: Slovenia

Director: Damjan Muhič
Screenplay: dr. Barbara Jurša , dr. Marcello Potocco
Year: 2022
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 4 min
Sport: Triathlon
Short synopsis:

The story from Baptism at Savica is merely hinted at. Preseren’s text is upgraded with the concept of passive and active man, as understood by the Slovenian poet and writer Edvard Kocbek. The video draws attention to the multifaceted nature of Preseren’s Crtomir, a brave soldier and receptive lover, a historical loser who becomes a survivor, just as a small Slovenian nation patiently waited for the historic moment when it was able to successfully assert its identity.

In the video, body and place speak, as well as the artistic word: Kocbek’s quotes, which we intertwined with Preseren’s and our own thoughts or two. In the role of a triathlete, for whom no terrain is an obstacle, Crtomir can show his endurance, which is also related to flexibility. No matter what history brings to him, he goes on. Oglej is not his final stop. His path continues and is determined solely by the will to transcend one’s own boundaries.

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