Fourth and Final Day of the ISFF FICTS Festival, June 22, 2024

On Saturday, June 22, 2024, the final day of the International Sports Film Festival Slovenia took place and concluded. The Cultural Center in Rogaška Slatina showcased the last five films, which captivated the audience with their quality and content.

On the European Square in Rogaška Slatina, another of the accompanying festival events took place—the Mini Olympics. This event, organized in collaboration with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, brought children a lot of fun through the introduction of new sports and beautiful prizes. The travel agency Palma provided three tickets to Gardaland, and the company Enne contributed beautiful T-shirts and sweaters. The Mini Olympics was graced by the presence of Slovenian Olympian, alpine skier Katja Koren, who enthusiastically joined the children’s festivities.

Katja Koren is also this year’s recipient of the ISFF festival award for athletes who have contributed significantly to the development of sports. Since she could not attend the ceremony on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, Vojko Korošec, the director of the ISFF Slovenia festival, presented her with the award during her visit to the Mini Olympics in Rogaška Slatina.

The Mini Olympics saw participation from firefighters of PGD Rogaška Slatina, Rogaška Slatina Football Club, Janina Basketball Society, Rogaška Slatina Table Tennis Club, Kozjansko and Obsotelje Karate Club, Boč-Kostrivnica Mountaineering Society, and two sports associations, Golf Association of Slovenia and Štrbunk Association of Slovenia. There was also a fun frisbee game.

After the Mini Olympics, a Zumba Marathon started on the European Square, lasting until the award ceremony for the winning films of the ISFF Festival. This year’s film awards, exquisite works by Steklarna Rogaška, were presented by Enzo Cappiello from FICTS Milan. The awards went to:

  •  Best Feature Film – The Featherweight
  •  Best Feature Short Film – For The Love Of The Game
  •  Best Documentary Feature Film – Niki Pilic- The Legend
  •  Best Documentary Short Film – Parmakkaya
  •  Olympic / paraolympic spirit – Flip Turn
  •  Sport and society – Pushing – From Rättvik To California
  •  Films and TV show about team sports – Rugby Town
  •  Quick Sports Stories – The Equinoxial Fire
  •  Best Film voted by Planet TV viewers – Murky Water
  •  ISFF 2024 GRAND PRIX – Moving Mountains Within

Thus, the 3rd International Sports Film Festival, held under the patronage of the Municipality of Rogaška Slatina and the national brand I feel Slovenia, successfully concluded. The festival brought many unforgettable moments to Rogaška Slatina, enriching the cultural and sports life of the town.