ISFF  FICTS Festival Opens its Doors

On the morning of Wednesday, June 19, 2024, students from the Rogaška Slatina School Center were the first to watch the inaugural film of the International Festival of Sports Documentary and Feature Films (ISFF). This event took place at the Rogaška Cultural Center, which was kindly provided by the Public Institute for Tourism and Culture Rogaška Slatina ( Javni zavod za turizem in kulturo obcine Rogaska Slatina). The festival features 54 selected films out of 620 submissions. The selection committee undertook the challenging task of viewing all submissions to curate the festival lineup.

Following the high school students, pupils from the I. Elementary School Rogaška Slatina attended the next screening. The rest of the day saw various film projections according to the scheduled program at the Cultural Center.

In the evening, the official opening ceremony of the ISFF Festival was held at (Anin dvor) Ana’s Mansion, also under the auspices of the Public Institute for Tourism and Culture Rogaška Slatina. As part of the traditional ceremony, awards were presented to distinguished athletes, sports workers, supporters of sports, cultural workers, and journalists who have contributed to the development and popularization of sports both domestically and internationally. This year’s awardees included Gorazd Kogoj, Jože Okoren, Nikola Pilić, Adolf Urnaut, Alen Kobilica, Sara Isaković, Marjan Jemec, Srečo Zakrajšek, Franc Pliberšek, and Katja Koren.

In addition to the Public Institute for Tourism and Culture Rogaška Slatina, the event was supported by the Municipality of Rogaška Slatina, Rogaška Glassworks, Afrodita, and the Slovenian Tourist Board. The evening’s festivities were enriched by a splendid musical performance from the Rogaška Slatina Music School teachers’ band, featuring singer Alja Krofljič.

We invite you to join us for future screenings and events of the ISFF Festival to celebrate important moments in the world of sports and culture together.